Hello, I’m happy you found me!

As you have come all the way to this page – either because we share the same passion for music or simply out of curiosity – I’d be pleased to tell you a bit more about myself and my background.

I commenced taking piano lessons when I was 8 years old.
At the age of 14 I was admitted to the “Jacopo Tomadini” Conservatory in Udine (Italy), where I graduated 8 years later. During these years I had the honor and pleasure of studying with great Maestros, among them Daniel Rivera, Lukas Michel, Luigi di Ilio, Ugo Cividino and Antonio Nimis.

During those years, I participated in national and international contests, winning prizes I am still very proud of: 1st prize “Città di Stresa”; 1st prize at the 3rd national contest “Menicagli” (Livorno, Italy); 2nd prize “Amici della Musica” (Ancona, Italy); 3rd prize at the 2nd international contest “Antonio Salieri” (Verona, Italy); 3rd prize at the 2nd international contest “Città di Treviso”.

In 2013 I decided to distance myself from a pure “classic” milieu to get closer to what I started getting more and more keen on: composition.
As a result of 2 years I spent experimenting and studying, in 2015 my first album “Beyond the Thoughts” got released. As its success and the audience started growing, numerous collaborations with production companies, directors and artists from all over the world began.

I began recording, composing and producing tracks for several animations, short films, trailers and adverts, paving the way to my second album “Secrets”: 8 tracks of cinematographic style; in the same year the show production company “FG&P EntARTtainment” brought “Secrets” on the stage, making it my first Live Music Show (Trailer).

The piano. It is undoubtedly the main character of my creations and my work.
In August 2018 I composed, recorded and produced an EP for Piano Solo entitled “Gone”. Melancholic, nostalgic and thoughtful, “Gone” accompanies the misunderstandings, loneliness and feelings of depression that cohabit in each one of us. I recorded this album on an ancient upright piano, with the only exception of the first track, composed for piano, strings, synths and celesta.

I am constantly pursuing new sonorities, vibes and sources of inspiration for new projects. I have a deep devotion for music, which enables me to communicate thoughts, emotions and feelings in different ways.