- Original Music composed for your Projects (films, animations, commercials, creative arts, performances, events & more). Send me your Video, tell me about your ideas and let me create. Music for every emotion (powerful, dramatic, emotional, epic, dreaming, chilling...);

- Music Licensing (To use my Music in your project, please write me including as many details as possible about the usage of the music and the media you wish to feature it in. Pricing is handled on a project-by-project basis and we can accommodate bulk purchases and educational and non-profit 501(c)(3) uses. Please note that any usage my Music must be governed by a license agreement between the licensee and the relevant licensing authority.

- Sound Design (Effects and background music for any Musical or Video Project);

- Piano Track Recording (Send me the MIDI Piano File or the Sheet Music of your Song, and I will record your Piano Track);

- Mixing & Mastering (Top Studio Quality Sound);

- Arrangements (Send me your Demo and I'll create the Track for Piano, Strings, Orchestra... or what instruments you need).


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