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Leave (Single)

Genre: Modern Classical

A composition written for Piano and Minimoog; it has a geometric and rotating structure. Reverbs and echoes effects create articulated textures with different colour. The Moog gives warm and definition for the harmony.

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Coincidence (Single)

Genre: Cinematic

"Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.”

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Lost in Time (Single)

Genre: Ambient, Cinematic

In some moments we feel alone and lost in our thoughts, out of the time. We need to feel belonged to something greater than us.

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Gone (EP)

Genre: Piano Solo, Modern Classical

“Gone” is a short dramatic and melancholy Ep composed for Piano Solo. Only the first Track “Empty Hall” has been written for Piano, Strings, Synths and Celesta. The rest of the Album has been recorded with an old Upright Piano.

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Lifts (Single)

Genre: Electronic Experimental, Cinematic

The feeling to being trapped and suspended. From the “panic attack” to the calm when the elevator reaches the floor. “Lifts” is an electronic dramatic Track which includes Analog Synths, Brasses, Strings and Cinematic Percussions. 

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The Night We’ll Remember - feat. MIK (Single)

Genre: Alternative, Cinematic Pop

This is a short story about the first night of love between two lovers. It describes feelings of rescuing, liberation, deep truth. It combines classical and electronic elements, using natural dynamics.

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Reborn (Single)

Genre: Soundtrack, Cinematic

A new "Epic Cinematic Track" beyond imagination. A fusion of "Electronic Vibes" and Orchestral grandeur for a powerful experience.

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Secrets (Album)

Genre: Soundtrack, Modern Classical

8 different Stories, separated and hidden to other people’s eyes, without being revealed, without being shared.

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Beyond the Thoughts (Album)

Genre: Piano Solo, Modern Classical

In a fast world where it’s becoming harder to find out enough time for ourself, “Beyond the Thoughts” tries to give you a moment of meditation, day-dreaming with the imagination, besides dark “thoughts”.